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Agriculture- Greeneview & Cedarville

Agriculture- Greeneview & Cedarville

students in field Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources will teach students how to work in groups and develop their leadership abilities through hands on activities. Students will use the opportunities the FFA provide for growth and build upon their interpersonal skills. Students will use the animal science unit to promote proper animal husbandry and production to make sound decisions as a producer and consumer. Students will explain and demonstrate the basics in plant production and harvesting in helping make sound decisions as a consumer and producer.

Animal Science and Technology will develop business leadership, problem-solving and communication skills in relation to the science and technology of animals. Students will learn responsible animal management principles and routine husbandry practices in relation to animal welfare and behavior. Learners will identify and describe the anatomy and physiology of monogastric and ruminant organisms as it applies to nutrition, reproduction, and animal health. Learners will investigate animal genetics and how it impacts principles of animal improvement, selection and marketing.

Contact The Instructor

Alexa Rednour, Agriculture instructor at Cedarville, [email protected]

Doug Wickline, Agriculture instructor at Greeneview, at [email protected]

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